I have always wanted to have a website but never got the courage of starting one. Some of my friends not to be named would be proud of this milestone. This will just be a site for those who want to know me a little bit better.

So stay tuned… Love all of you.




Ever heard the phrase, “we are sent into the world but not of the world?” I have many times. Yet I still fail in that area. There is a culture that changes ever minute with a new trend every second. Should you blink you will find a lot has changed around you.

This is “POP CULTURE” ladies and gentleman. I would love to ask you a few question. The question involve everyone, me, you and those around you.

  • How many people do you know who cohabitate?
  • How many worship money?
  • How many do not wear modestly? (this is where i fail at times)

The culture i live in is where boys can undress a girl with their eyes and we laugh and talk about it like it is natural. Ever watched a movie you know has inappropriate scene but claim you will close your eyes or forward the scene.We dance to songs just because they have a nice beat to them while we hear the words are talking of sex. Do you ever take your phone out when you are with friends, among a crowd, even walking at the mall? It is like social media is now THE SOCIAL LIFE.

I cannot count how many times i have laughed at bad jokes just to fit in with the crowd and not seem weird, when i did not help that poor lady pushing the heavy trolley.

Do not get me wrong, but these are the grey areas where I always wonder if I am showing Christ in me. He partied with sinners, never feared to touch the lepers, spent time give hope and love to everyone and built up 11 guys so they can lean more on God. All this was done with humility and compassion.

And here I am busy put a scale on my friends and how much love i would show them. Love should be equal, whether it is to your friends or stranger, it should never waiver nor be denied. True definition of love can be found all over the Bible.

Culture will change but God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow friends. The same God who cannot stand sex slavery does not approve of all sexual immorality, he fights for orphans and widows and does not like it when we judge those around us by how much they are worth. We are all priceless in the eyes of God.

Today I make yet another commitment to God, to never focus on the culture around me but to hold steadfast to the truth from God. And through faith i am assured the same God who was fire by night and a cloud by day will do the same with me, take me from one area to another. He will use me to counter the culture I live in and do good for the world

He always works within us, detoxing and create clean hearts within us. So friends, I would like you to close your eyes and pray. Ask God where you fail, in which areas of culture are you like a plastic bag being blown from place to place.

If anyone would like to talk, I am willing to go much into detail about this and share more on how I let the culture consume me.


Even two months after reading the book I keep wondering what David Platt was thinking when he wrote Radical. This book is amazing, but what I would love to talk about is not the contents in it but the challenge he has at the end.

The challenge is of course named the Radical Experiment (http://www.radicalexperiment.org/home.html), a test to see how much God can use an individual in a year if they are game and not holding back. So this experiment began on the 1 July 2017 and will end same day next year and here are what it entails:

  1. Pray for the entire world
  2. Spend 2% of your time out of context (that is 7 days if its a year)
  3. Give money to a specific cause
  4. commit to a multiplying community
  5. read the entire Bible

And i would say so far everything has been going great. But reason this post made it here is because yesterday something out of the ordinary happened. A girl somewhere round 14 years approached me inside a shop, hungry and tired. She asked if i could buy something to feed her.

First I was a little angry at how dangerous she was living, asking a total stranger who was male for that matter for food. I always warn my 6 year old sister about how we have predators out there who seek the vulnerable to misuse them. But then I thanked God she had asked me, so I helped out. While talking with her she said God was good to her but at the same time He punished her. We had to talk about how that was untrue. By the way now we were in transit and moving among people, imagine having a conversation with someone you hardly knew in that sort of setting.

Life had not been kind to her, i wished to know more about her and all the struggles she has been through or currently facing. I was even willing to tell her my story but time was not on our side. With the little time we had I tried by all means to give her hope, reminding her that her life had not ended for she will one day be a working professional, and asked her to hold steadfast to her faith in Christ.

imagine what would happen if the church lived radically and realised that the same God who gives grace also fights against poverty. We should not be sitting comfortably in our homes and be so blind we do not realise our neighbours need food, prayer or even someone they can talk about the weather with. The Bible urges us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves, and it even says we should be willing to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. Christ came to serve, as we all ought to now serve.

There is so much more I would write about the radical experiment or the girl I met. So if you would love to know more you can get in touch and I will give you more information.




Friends I had abandoned ship, communicating less. But someone reminded me that this is the best platform to talk with all of you. A lot has happened in the past few months I haven’t been in touch.

I got baptized on the 14th December 2016. It was one of those things decided upon when a person comes down a hiking trail in South Africa. My friend also got baptized in May. I got to see an old friend, Edward Theodore Roach, for just a few weeks, and hope to see another sometime next year around this time.

The Lord has been good to me, my heart a little hard at times but He pulled me through. This is most probably a bad time to be writing this but it has to be done. Thing is we just got of from taking some friends to the airport, Mr Ed was with them. Yes I did not outward cry but sadness was all over my heart.

Just because i knew he was going never meant i will be fine. But then these things just happen. The Lord had given me 5 more weeks just to see him in person. What got me was his eyes, blue and filled with goodness in him. Indeed the eye is a window to the soul. Well, now we will have to do those haphazard Skype calls, an yeah.

For all you friends out there, i will be back. This is the beginning……….. Stay tuned for more.. pictures from the last month are loading and a video too…



Once a child saw me as the guy dressed in Lincon green hat, tight pants with a bow and arrow at hand. Care to guess which haracter that is? I don’t mean the child. Maybe I should have said the man steals from the rich to give to the poor.

Robin Hood

At the time I merely brushed it off, telling her she was cute and smart. But the little girl was right, seeing something in me I could not see. She saw what my true character was. This memory made its resurrection due to the fact that I have been called a rebel these past few weeks.

Instead of going with the flow because it is much easier, I tend to go against the current. Ever seen a fast moving river, now imagine oing against its fast current. One will get bruises all over the body from the water hitting against you, trying to get you in line. It gets bruttal, torture like you have never felt before, by all means trying to break your spirit.

The current in our lives is mostly those around us (Believers and Non-Believers), even the world that we live in can come for you with flaming swords blazing. Apparently I am just too rebelious and make everything complicated.

From my point of view I am not rebellious, just not stupid and know where my feet are anchoreed. Each and every day I do my best to put God first. He is the one I would gladly follow down a cliff. I try my best to never listen to my own selfish heart, then why would I go through life trying to please others.

Robin Hood’s heart was in the right place even thou stealing was wrong. He was willing to go through all the trouble just to fight for the weak ones, trying to bridge the rich-poor line.

So for Christ I too shall be called a REBEL just so that people might know Him. Call me a rebel, He calls me His son.



I love telling my friends that people always fear what they cannot control. Then there is this verse I love quoting, 2 Timothy 1:7:

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Knowing quotes for different situations seems like a wise thing one could do. I can help friends when the road seems a bit dark for them with just simple words. We should never forget that words have power. In the beginning was the Word (John 1:1), words began everything.

But when it comes to using my own wisdom for my benefit I just freeze and find it obsolete. Yes I do fear everything in the world I cannot control and lately I seem to fear almost everything. I fear:

  • to love
  • keeping and making friends
  • disappointing my family

I could go on and on about how fearful I am but currently I feel the need to just disappear. This year seemed to be the best year of my life. I made brothers and sisters I can never get rid of, shared the Lord’s love with those around me and even with total strangers. Yet fear still surrounds my heart, waiting for me to stumble. Growing up I never belonged, and being part of something larger than life scares me.


There has always been an easy way around this, and it would be to disappear. I have done it before, wiped the slate clean and restarted life where I wanted to. My survival instincts are telling me to do it….

Just leaving everything behind and starting clean seems ideal. I would get the chance to shape life the way I want it, get back everything I lost. This is what reiventing is all about. Finding the best version of myself

Lord what should I do…………


Growing up I had this crazy idea that we get to pick our own destiny with a flick of a wand. A little voice at the back of my head always hinting that if my good deeds outweigh the bad, then heaven will be the place I end up.

The recipe for success was very simple, I just had to be a good little man. I did try as best as I could to be friendly, giving to the poor and helping the helpless. The path I took required total obedience and innocence, purity. Someone of this caliber definitely deserved to be in heaven. They worked hard to get there, a backdoor to eternal life,hence felt entitled. It had nothing to do with faith.

I did not wish to have faith and believe in Christ for then it would mean believing in right and wrong. This would show how messy my track record was, digging out the little holes I had tried to cover with good deeds. I was not ready to be called a sinner and be bound by God’s law. My way made sure I choose what was wrong and right based on my feelings, experience and arguments. In that case I could never sin. There were no rules but my own.

Once a friend told me I was going to end up in hell. My answer was I won’t for I did not believe in heaven, God or the devil. How can one go to a place they don’t believe exist? And I also remember telling someone that if the devil had a face it would definitely be mine.

There always comes a point when illusions fade, and one gets to see the harsh reality around them. Bad always trails after good and the storm caught up with me. The roof was ripped apart and the walls tumbled down on me, trapping me underneath the rumble. Nothing had ever prepared me for this. Then again no one is ever prepared.

Every dream I had faded, and the little hope I had was crushed. My friends scattered away from the blast, living my soul to die all alone. But there was something that kept me from being lost in the darkness, hope. My hope had been crushed but it still radiated, hope that there was something more to life and that there was SOMEONE out there looking over me.

A voice told me to FEAR NOT, that everything will be fine if I just had faith. That reminded me that I was down and not out, and with that strength I came back swinging.

All the above was driven by a sermon i once heard about REPENT or PERISH. These are two words on opposite sides, proof that God indeed gave us free will. We should purify our hearts and come to him as children, remembering the SON who was sent to die for us (John 3:16)

The tickets into heaven cannot be bought for God through His grace gives them out as gifts for those who believe. No more worrying about living this life to its fullest for everything has been done. All we need is faith in God and believe in what Christ did for us on the CROSS.

It was foolish for me trying to rewrite the definitions o right and wrong whilst I am an imperfect being. Right and Wrong never change according to how a person wants to see them. And this is the illness around the world today.

Christianity is about the blunt truth which should never be bent nor sugar coated. Yes it says we are all sinners and deserve to burn, but it also talks about SALVATION for all human kind (THE GOOD NEWS).

I did die once in my life and that was to myself. Now I live for the Creator who handcrafted me, being devoted to pursuing Him even thou He sort after me first. And this beats all plans I had for myself for there is a grand plan out there for me. My good deeds now are to glorify God and never about proving myself worthy.

My life is currently imperfect and as chaotic as it gets, but a broken life with Christ in me is better than a perfect one against God. We all have a choice, REPENT or PERISH. I repented and made a commitment to follow God.

The story shall still continue….. Stay blessed everyone.. The video below just does it for me this moment



Back when I made a commitment to follow God, it was like finding a magic lamp in a very dark place. I was going to rub on the lamp and the genie would come out to not grant me three but many wishes for the eternal life the Gospel claimed.
Trust me when I say there was a list for everything I felt God owed me. I had been a good boy growing up, and if Santa was real he would have given me the best present every Christmas. The time I agreed to take the salvation prayer, I felt it was time for God to pay the piper and I was ready to collect. All my life I was side lined by His grace, shoved into the corners with me smashing against the wall with my face. The time to right all wrongs had finally come and I took the prayer.
At the back of my head came love first. I was looking for a girl composed enough to deal with my craziness, someone to take me as broken as I am and never try to fix me. Next was a great course at school for the prestige, money and a way better future somewhere in the suburbs.
God had given me a crappy childhood, killed my childhood spirit and drowned those happy dreams we keep hearing in playgrounds. I believed that humanity was not to blame; God was the almighty creator who destroyed me. But survivors like me do not fall, we lie on the floor and bid our time.
Being a kind and generous person I was, I extended my grace to God to allow Him to make a do over with my life. I was not asking for much but just a promotion from the pauper state I did not belong in to a King of my own castle.
Selfish I know. It was more about me, what I felt entitled too and I claimed to be a god in a way. How can a small sinful man like me extend grace to God, or deserve love while I do not know anything about love.
In time God worked in me, showed me the error of my ways. God is still working on my flaws, making me Christ like every day. Sometimes I look into the mirror and I see a strange looking back at me, someone I never thought I could be.
This is the blog to share a bit about myself, my walk with Christ and how I tend to perceive the world. It is not a Christian blog but a blog about my life, then again I cannot separate from God for He is within me??
My name is Thuso Henry Tlhalerwa, and I have made a commitment to follow God.